The Great and most Post-Modern city of Thirontharam

As I was shampooing my right eye during the bath this morning, it crossed my mind that the posts here are too long (Yes, I think of this blog even when in the bathroom. The obsession!). Hence, I’m posting a much smaller one today on the Great and Most Post-Modern City of Thirontharam, where malls are LOLed at, pubs are puked at, but Madammas are as common as Madrasis (Yes, S.Indians are allowed to call themselves Madrasis). Aforementioned right eye started watering just about then, and all thoughts of the blog vanished in a red mist of tears.

Oh, for the non-Mallus, a Madamma is what we call a foreign woman in Malayalam. The word is a cunning portmanteau of ‘Madame’ and ‘Amma’, which was coined by M.A.Saju Lal, owner and proprietor of “M.A.Saju Massages, since 1960”, a very popular massage parlour in the Kovalam beach. According to this Lal, the honorific ‘Amma’ lures the foreign dames into a false sense of security, which prompts them to pay roughly 10,000 bucks for a full body massage. A foolproof business model which operates on the principle, ‘Have the cake and eat it too and get paid for it’. Kuttappan had a longer take on Thirontharam city incidentally, but it did not feature Madammas and is hence below par, as my friend GoaCHaW would testify.

M.A.Saju with a prospective client

The enthusiasm and desire to make the Great and Most Post-Modern City of Thirontharam the numero uno city in the world has led the powers-that-be in the land to take desperate measures. The celebrity MP from the district and the Chief Minister of the state have resorted to innovative methods to deliver a few Volvo buses, which would take the city up another level of awesomeness, and leave London, New York and Paris biting the dust.

As the MP tweeted recently,
“Climax was delivery of 7 low-floor Volvo a/c buses for Tvm at big event in stadium w Chief Minister. After speeches tried to go for a ride”

His passion to ride the CM even after the climax is laudable. The future is bright for the G.a.m.P-M City of Thirontharam.


3 responses to “The Great and most Post-Modern city of Thirontharam

  1. please remember that one has a very active imagination and visualizes everything one reads.. Twittoor on Achu Mamma is gonna cost me many sleepless nights 😐

  2. I think the idea of Naga during his bath is more disconcerting.

  3. @Pichko – You might wanna imagine the dialogues as well. More fun.

    @CD – In retrospect, I should have written it from Katrina Kaif’s perspective.

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