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A>B, because I said so

I have not blogged for several months. This is due to no particular reason other than a lack of “enthusiastic time” as I’d call it. I’ve had time, but I hadn’t been enthused enough to blog then.

And now, in the last working day of the month of March, I happened to read this article by an accomplished columnist in the Mint, and a delightfully politically incorrect one at that.

This has finally made me write. Not a long post with a purpose or a twist in the end, but a comment to the above post.

And then I see that comments have to be moderated by the powers that be at Mint. Even though they did moderate a particularly esoteric one which said, “What nonsense”, I do have my doubts whether mine would see the light of the day. Hence posting below. Do read Mr. Patel’s article first though.

Why it is better to live in Kerala than in the rest of the South

1. In Kerala, you can eat excellently cooked Beef with genuine Porotta at mainstream restaurants

2. In Kerala, you can make fun of all North Indians, including Tamilians, Telugu people and Kannadigas. And particularly of Rajnikanth

3. In Kerala, you’ll find more Bollywood + Tamil + English movies in theatres than Malayalam movies

4. We are very tolerant and broad-minded in Kerala. We have built a crazy-popular religious destination mainly for Tamils, Telugu people and Vivek Oberoi

Let me hypothesize that the reason Kerala is much more awesome than the rest of South is because we don’t have many Brahmins in Kerala. We have Communists instead, who are arguably more intellectual than Brahmins. Communists are primarily bothered about equitable distribution rather than about Raaga Mayamalavagaula, and the former is clearly a more intellectual discussion than the latter.

But do not talk to them about Poland.