Monthly Archives: December 2012

Challenge Accepted

I’ve just been given a challenge – a challenge to explain in four sentences why I’ve neglected this blog – and now I realize that hyphen is a grey area in the entire spectrum of English sentence construction – which would thus enable me to extend these four sentences for as much as I’d want – but for the sake of propriety, I must stop doing that right now.

Truth be told, the simple reason is that I behaved like a strategic consultant with no capability or power to execute his ideas, and this made me passive and meandering in my attitude towards Directement Zero. I created all sorts of storyboards and concepts that I’d have liked to implement, and I started work on a superhero-surreal-humour-family-drama manuscript that got stalled after 8,000 words. This shan’t happen again – We turn a new digital leaf, and brush the old one off my chiclet keyboard.

New Leaf